Outlaw State of Kind Funding Incentive Program to Save 50 Large Dogs Whose Families Are in Crisis

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – February 19, 2024

Pawster is proud to unveil a new incentive program for community members to foster large dogs. We are experiencing a record number of large dogs in need of temporary care until they can reunite with their families.

Anyone who fosters a dog weighing 50 pounds or more for at least two weeks will receive a $50 gift card to local Nashville businesses as a thank you gift at the end of the foster period. The incentive program is limited to 50 gift cards, which are funded by Morgane and Chris Stapleton and the Outlaw State of Kind team, a fund of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

50 for 50 dog

“Pawster currently has over 40 large dogs waiting for foster homes, and we get more requests every day,” says Executive Director Gabe Horton. “Since we are entirely foster-based, these dogs will likely be surrendered to a shelter if we don’t find foster homes. And once in the shelter, large dogs are less likely to be adopted. By fostering these dogs until they go home to their families, community members are literally saving lives. A gift card is the least we can do to say thanks!”

Additionally, Pawster provides all supplies and veterinary care, as well as access to training resources and one-on-one behavior consultations through Pawster’s partnership with Agape Animal Rescue and Training Center.

Anyone interested in the program can view Pawster Nashville’s waitlist at All dogs with the “50 for 50” designation are eligible for the program, as long as gift cards are available.

About Pawster

Pawster Nashville provides Crisis Foster Care for dogs and cats: When a pet owner is in crisis, Pawster houses their cat or dog in a loving foster home, until their family is back on their feet and ready to be reunited.

Contact: Gabe Horton, Executive Director of Pawster Nashville, 615-434-4912