Current Reunite Rate

90% of pets who receive Crisis Foster Care are reunited with their owners.*

All other pets are rehomed directly from foster without entering a shelter or rescue.

*1-year trailing data, updated 4/29/2024

2023 Impact Report

Click here to open Pawster’s 2023 Impact Report, including a note from our Executive Director, 2023 by the Numbers, Julie’s Story, Partners, and Financials.

*Please note, the financials were revised on 3/19/2024 from the original impact report sent to partners in February.

2023 LifeSaving Statistics

(last updated 3/19/2024)

Total Pets Received Crisis Foster Care:

100 Pets Total

62 Dogs, 36 Cats, 1 Rabbit, 1 Guinea Pig

Average Monthly Intake:

8 Pets per month

Average Length of Stay:

63 Days

Shelter Animals Count Data:

Pawster participates in Shelter Animals Count (SAC), a centralized, standardized national database for animal shelter statistics. However, because Pawster is not a shelter and does not “intake” and “outcome” pets to/from a physical shelter, some of the data requires context:

“Relinquished by Owner” – Beginning Feb. 2024, SAC requested that all requests for temporary foster care be categorized as “Relinquished by Owner.” For Pawster, these are NOT permanent surrenders. Most of these pets will be returned to owner.

“Outcomes” – Pawster’s outcome categories are different from the standardized Shelter Animals Count outcomes. This is why we rely on the “Reunite Rate” above as a clearer measure of our impact. Pawster pets are either reunited with their owner (“Return to Owner”) or rehomed (“Adoption”).

Reliability of SAC Statistics – Pawster transitioned to a new software in June 2021. For this reason, some of the categories of intake and outcome may be incorrect. Statistics since 2022 are standardized and reliable.

Intake vs. Pets Fostered – Pawster counts total animals fostered in a calendar year rather than intakes as a clearer measure of impact. The average foster stay for Crisis Foster Care is around 2 months, which means we start the calendar year with pets in foster care. For example, Gross Intakes for 2022 was 76 pets. But we provided foster care for 82 pets, including 6 pets who were in care already.

Current Shelter Animals Count Data (Updated by the 15th of each month, to reflect the previous month’s data):

2022 Impact (click to expand)

2022 Impact Report

Click here to open Pawster’s 2022 Impact Report, including a note from our Executive Director, 2022 by the Numbers, DeeDee’s Story, Partners, and Financials.

IRS Form 990-EZ (2022)

2022 LifeSaving Statistics

(last updated 1/23/2023)

Total Pets Received Crisis Foster Care:

82 Pets Total

50 Dogs, 32 Cats

Average Monthly Intake:

7 Pets per month

Average Length of Stay:

73 Days

2021 Impact (click to expand)

2021 Total Impact

You helped Pawster exceed ALL of our goals in 2021:

Provide Crisis Foster Care for 53 Dogs and Cats (Goal: 50)

Reunite 91% of Pets with their owners (Goal: 90%)

Recruit 42 Fosters and Volunteers (Goal: 40)

Invite 114 Individual Donors to join in Pawster’s mission (Goal: 100)

42 fosters, 114 donors, 53 pets fostered, 91% reunited with owners